Today in the city Caraway 19.11.2018
8 ways you should change your skin-care routine in the winter

Taking care of your skin is a year-round necessity, not just something that's important during the warmer weather months. It turns out, your skin’s needs are different in the middle of the winte...

This photo of a crow — or is it a cat? — is going viral on Twitter, and people are seriously confused

The internet has been stumped by yet another animal optical illusion.  The image uploaded to Twitter shows a black animal on a tiled floor. People on social media seem to be split — some see a black c...

US hedge fund orders sale of Britain's biggest care home operator

Four Seasons failed to pay off a portion of debt owed to H/2 Capital PartnersA “for sale” sign has been hoisted over Four Seasons as fears grow for the future of Britain’s biggest care homes operator....

Watch Ciara Break Down 5 Iconic Dance Moves to Her New Single, “Dose”

Ciara breaks down five of her favorite dance moves to her new single, “Dose,” for Vogue’s 5 Moves series.

Day care centers to open at schools after Hurricane Michael

In Florida, schools have yet to reopen in an area heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael, and the biggest roadblocks have been securing housing and child care for teachers and staff.

The Surprising Simple Thing You Need To Do To Boost Your Career

How you view the world—what is and what could be—can greatly impact the trajectory of your career. It's the difference between those who blindly accept things as they are, and someone whose unique per...

Republicans should embrace health care reform

ObamaCare didn’t work. Republicans led boldly on tax reform, and they should do the same with health care reform.

World Series Over, Cora, Roberts On Different Tracks

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora became the fifth rookie manager in Major League history to win a World Series. Meanwhile Dave Roberts awaits his fate as the Los Angeles Dodgers must pick up his optio...

Apply Economic And Career Ownership Principles Together -- And Do Your Part To Build A Better World

One set of economic principles has much in common with those of career ownership. Moreover, experiencing what is common can help you appreciate your career through a wider lens.

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Hangover Cure

Hungover is more than a cautionary tale, and its intrepid author can't escape the sense that even the perfect cure can't shake all the metaphysical implications of 'the morning after'.

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