Today in the city Caraway 20.10.2017
FIFA 18: Release Date and Review of Challenging Clubs to Control in Career Mode

Among the tweaks to the gameplay and improvements made to modes such as the Ultimate Team and The Journey, Career Mode has also received some much-needed attention from developers EA Sports. The first...

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine On GOP Health Care Revisions

Senate Republicans are pushing ahead with their effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Democratic Senator Tim Kaine about the measure being pushed by the othe...

Greek Media Workers on 24-Hour Strike Over Health Care Fund

Greece is under a news blackout after the country's biggest press union called a 24-hour strike to protest the feared closure of a special health care fund for media employees.

Jimmy Kimmel takes a modest bow on health care, hopes he can go back to talking about Kardashians

Jimmy Kimmel said on Monday night's Kimmel Live that over the weekend, he was in three cities and strangers just kept coming up to him and telling him stories about how the Affordable Care Act had sav...

GOP Health Care Bill Appears Dead After Sen. Collins Declares Opposition

The latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act appears to be blocked after Maine Sen. Susan Collins opposed the bill. Her opposition means the bill cannot pass the Senate with only GOP support.

North Korea blows up US aircraft carrier, bombers, jets in new propaganda video

North Korean missiles demolish a U.S. aircraft carrier and several jets in the latest stark imagery to come out of Pyongyang, this time as part of a Sunday propaganda video that also mocked President...

Three Reasons Everyone Needs A Portfolio Career

Learning to diversify your career the same as you would a financial portfolio is critical, says Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You. Broadening your skill set, expanding your experience base,...

Three Steps To Recover From A Late-Career Job Loss

A little practice and a little belief in yourself will go a long way towards building that bridge to the next chapter in your career.

Intel Core i9-7980XE Review: The AMD Threadripper Killer Has Arrived

This is the new fastest processor on the planet for desktop PCs: Intel's Core i9-7980 Extreme Edition offers 18 cores, 36 threads and costs $2000 - can it beat AMD's Threadripper?

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